Thursday, March 31, 2005
A quizzing blog
Hello all

I have been sending out a weekly quiz on a variety of topics to a bunch of my friends for the past few weeks, and on the suggestion of one of them, I decided to put the weekly quiz on the web. I thought it was a swell idea, and no better way to do it than through a blog. I have been using blogger for several months now, and am quite familiar with the interface, so it was a piece of cake. Besides it allows me to add some more spice to the quiz such as visual questions.

I will start by posting all previous quizzes. This week's quiz is on Chemistry, while previous quizzes were on Academy Awards, Cricket and Bollywood. In case you need to send me solutions, you can email me. Ofcourse, a honor system is in place, and it is hoped that you did not use the web or other sources to get the answers.

Generally, I send out the questions every Monday, and you have till the following Sunday to send in the answers. I will post the answers in the following week. Happy Quizzing ....

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